Calculation simulation

Brainmade Case Studie - Träger für Ladefläche - Jeep Wrangler JT

Carrier for cargo bed Jeep Wrangler JT Designed FOR OFFROAD NETWORK Task: Development of a carrier system for the loading area of the Jeep Wrangler JT according to material specifications and load type specifications. Development, design and construction Production-ready design of all components Simulations, tests and calculations Voriger Nächster

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Brainmade Casestudie - wowwow Hundeleine 2

Collar with leash

Developed FOR ACCESSZOORIES GMBH & CO. KG Task: design, development and construction of the pull-out mechanism Development of structure and function concept Production-ready design of all individual parts Determination of tolerances incl. CAD implementation Design of the structural design Prototyping for design and functional testing Voriger Nächster

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