Technical development



From brainstorming and initial sketches to development, design and manufacturing support, we offer a wide range of services to cover the entire development process.

Using simulations and calculations to optimize and map product properties and behavior is an effective way to identify and solve potential problems early on. Through the use of simulations, we can perform virtual testing and analysis to evaluate the performance, resilience and other relevant characteristics of the product. This allows you to make design improvements and make product development more efficient.

Using simulations and calculations can shorten the development process by allowing you to evaluate different design options and respond quickly to changes. This can reduce the time spent on physical prototypes and enable faster time-to-market for your product.

The selection of the right material plays a crucial role in the development of a successful product. Our expertise allows us to help you select suitable materials that meet the requirements of the product while being economical and sustainable.

BRAINMADE PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT is the competent partner for the entire product development process. By integrating simulations, calculations and materials consulting into your services, we can help you develop more efficient and optimized products and bring them to market quickly.

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