Construction / CAD

With Unigraphics NX

we rely on modern CAD software

To meet the different requirements of our customers we use modern CAD tools. The use of the latest CAD software enables us to create designs and constructions precisely and efficiently.

We rely on Unigraphics NX, which is widely used in the industry. Unigraphics NX offers a wide range of functions and tools that help us create complex designs and realize detailed constructions. The software allows us to consider various aspects of product design and construction, such as spatial geometry, material selection and component integration.

The ability to process any data formats is another advantage, as our customers may provide data in different formats. The flexibility to import and export different data formats allows us to work smoothly with our customers and integrate their ideas into the design process.

We visualize our designs, review the construction and create virtual prototypes before actual manufacturing begins. This helps to identify potential errors, make design changes and increase the efficiency of the development process.

The use of the latest CAD tools allows us to design precisely and efficiently to develop the optimal solution for our customers’ requirements.

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