Technical expertise meets creativity

MADE IN GERMANY – stands for premium products manufactured in Germany. At BRAINMADE PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT, we mainly deal with the ‘brain work’. We analyse, research, think, invent, develop, calculate and construct products for target groups and markets of the future.

Developing patentable solutions is one of our favourite challenges. Innovational strength, our creative work, and the products we create are all part of BRAINMADE IN GERMANY.® – invented and developed in Germany.

At BRAINMADE PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT, you will receive every part of product development from a single source. Your Advantage: You will work with only one company, from the initial idea to the finished product.

Our small, flexible team situated in Wuppertal offers comprehensive technical knowledge and quick, creative solutions – as well as complex development – at competitive prices.


Do you want to update your products or add new features? Do you need new packaging? Do you require a design overhaul or conceptual advice? Are you looking for a suitable and reliable production partner? We also offer each step in the development process as separate service.

Design Awards

Once again this year one of our products has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award by the Design Center NRW.

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