Industrial Design



Function and the design of a product must be closely linked. The design of a product plays an important role as it influences the aesthetic appearance and the user experience. At the same time, the design must take into account the desired functions and requirements of the product.

When we talk about concept solutions that are implemented in terms of design, this means that we translate the developed product concepts into concrete designs. This phase involves developing the product’s shape, selecting materials, determining surface textures and defining other design elements. It is also important to consider production-related aspects.

By incorporating design considerations early in the development process, potential production-related problems can be identified and avoided. Close collaboration between the design team and technical experts allows design decisions to be made that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical to implement. This helps to identify potential obstacles related to manufacturing, assembly or other technical aspects at an early stage and make appropriate adjustments.

An iterative approach to design implementation allows different design options to be highlighted, feedback to be incorporated, and the final design to be refined. Dieser Prozess ermöglicht es uns, ein Produkt zu schaffen, das sowohl funktional als auch ästhetisch ansprechend ist und die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden erfüllt.

So we can say that the design implementation of the concept solutions is an important phase to develop the aesthetic appearance of the product. By addressing production engineering issues early on, potential problems can be avoided to create a successful and functional sustainable end product.

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