Brainmade Case Studie - Fastlock Sicherheitsverschluss 1

FASTLOCK™ safety lock for NLite Hydropower

Developed FOR UNGER GERMANY GMBH Task: Concept development/idea generation for a safety quick-acting closure for water treatment tanks Development/idea generation Closure principle Conceptual elaboration Patented operating principle Creation of data for functional and assembly samples Voriger Nächster

Brainmade Case Studie - Träger für Ladefläche - Jeep Wrangler JT

Carrier for cargo bed Jeep Wrangler JT Designed FOR OFFROAD NETWORK Task: Development of a carrier system for the loading area of the Jeep Wrangler JT according to material specifications and load type specifications. Development, design and construction Production-ready design of all components Simulations, tests and calculations Voriger Nächster

Brainmade Casestudie - ASP Bumper 3

Frontbumper Jeep Wrangler

Voriger Nächster Developed for ASP Eberle E.K. Task: design and construction of the plastic parts material specification and specification of the type of load. Redesign of the original design Design and production-oriented layout of all components Simulations, tests and calculations

Brainmade Casestudie - Jeep Wrangler Instrumentenadapter 1

JEEP Wrangler JK instrument adapter

Designed FOR BRAINMADE PRODUCTS, SAN DIEGO Task: New development of an adapter for integrated additional instruments for Jeep Wrangler JK (FCA) Development of the mechanics concept Patentable solution of the modified airflow Construction and plastic-compatible design of all components Simulations, tests and calculations Prototyping Voriger Nächster

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