Shortcuts, Fast Results

From idea development and first drafts to final layout and design, material consulting services and prototyping to guiding and helping with the final fabrication and assembly process. BRAINMADE PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT  is your all-in-one solution. To optimize product characteristics we utilize computer simulations throughout the entire development. Resulting in highly efficient development processes therefore shortening your product’s introduction time into the market.


Consulting, Innovative Thinking

An initial idea kick starts the process of product development. Thoroughly discussing the preliminary ideas we develop a close and individual working relationship with our customers, building the foundation for each product, outlining all necessary steps from development to final product. Our innovative thought process will help develop concepts for the future market.


Shaping your Product

Functionality is directly related to the final design and shape of your product. Both aspects, design and functionality have to be balanced and become one in the final product. Conceptual solutions are turned into actual product designs. At this stage we already recognize and therefore prevent possible complications during part and product fabrication later on.


Technical development

To meet our customers’ demands, we construct the perfect solution based on the final drafts, utilizing the latest CAD tools. We currently work with Unigraphics NX, but we’re able to process any data Format.

Creative Engineering

Creative development process

Our development processes are unconventional and creative – but, in spite of our „new way of thinking“, we keep the product’s feasibility and cost in mind at every stage of the development process. With our extensive know-how in design and manufacturing, we guarantee a successful, goal-orientated development process.